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Luxury has always existed, in various forms, throughout history. Luxury corresponds to a human aspiration—the need for self-affirmation.

It translates into different aspects:

  • - The search for self-esteem
  • - The eagerness for success
  • - Social accomplishment
  • - The expectation of rewards
  • - The need for pleasure

Most of the consumers of Luxury and high-end value products are self-made men and women, notably within the new economy (the internet) and “emerging” markets such as China, India and Thailand. These consumers evidently have a very different relation with the idea of success and money.

There are common values around success that are shared worldwide. This is a triumph of the liberal system’s values: everyone can succeed and success today is mainly expressed in new business (such as new e-ventures) and international expansion. Successes are possible and happen increasingly often; fast success is taking place in all kinds of business. I want it; I can; I made it; I deserve it.

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