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Need For Self-Esteem

We all need success and we need self-esteem. Self-esteem gives us more selfconfidence and reduces fear. A person with self-esteem engages better socially and tends to be in a position of leadership. Most wealthy and affluent customers have worked hard to succeed. They might not need you to increase their self-esteem but buying Luxury creations and high value products is an aspect of their self-esteem. Recall:

Alice-. “It’s not about the price of the jewelry, Madame, and I am sure that

your husband agrees with me. It’s the symbol of his appreciation for being with you for over twenty years. And you certainly deserve such a beautiful present!”

Eager For Success

From the beginning of our school life there is the need to succeed—in our studies, in assessments and in rankings. We work hard because we are encouraged and required to succeed. Customers, just like everyone else, need to triumph.

For many customers, being able to own a handbag from a high-end brand is a sign of success—being able to consume high priced products. Of course, as discussed, a customer buys an alligator skin handbag for the quality but also certainly with the idea that having a high-end branded alligator skin bag represents success.

It is therefore important to highlight customers’ success. And there is always success to celebrate with clients. Recall Michelle and her husband in Paris. Their sales advisor, Alice, is able to emphasize the couple’s success.

The key words on which to capitalize could be success, achievement, goals reached and so on.

“It’s such a wonderful and important moment, Madame. ”

“It’s a success to celebrate your 20th wedding anniversary!”

“Andyou both make such a lovely couple!”

Story Corner

Peter Wong is a frequent traveler. He has already reached the highest status with his favorite company. At the first class check-in counter from Hong Kong to Paris, the stewardess proposed to upgrade him from business class to first class. Moreover, she walked from behind the counter to greet Peter and congratulated him on behalf of the air company for his amazing achievement in reaching 2 million miles. She proposed to have a flight attendant escort Peter through the VIP channel which was already organized. On the plane, Peter received a card, written by the captain, congratulating him for his achievement and that the mileage makes him one of the most exclusive passengers. The service in first class was exceptional, but moreover, what Peter remembers most was the different gestures—which were, by the way, not so expensive for the company to provide.

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