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Social Accomplishment

We can obtain self-confidence with better self-esteem—the true sentiment of success. We can also be proud of being recognized by others. We live with others and our own perception of ourselves depends on how others perceive us. That perception of ourselves gives us further self-confidence which is passed on and creates motivating Managers who are offering even more growth potential to their team members. It is also important to encourage customers and motivate them positively. You are part of their social accomplishment.


“And you certainly deserves such a beautiful present!

I am sure that all your friends will be so happy for you, seeing you wearing such a nice present from your husband!”

Brands also allow for social recognition; owning certain brands invokes meaning. Brands have a certain social image and perception and contribute to building the owner’s social image. This is the “aura” effect: the customer benefits from the positive image and associations of the brand.

Mrs. Taylor when considering the purchase might look for these aspects of social recognition:

“I love this necklace. I’m not really looking for a necklace that everyone will recognize. ”

“I will wear this necklace at our party. It will be noticed, right?”

The key words to which customers are sensitive are accomplishment, exceptional, extraordinary, great social contribution and so on.

  • - “You made it!”
  • - “You have accomplished so many things. ”
  • - “What you did is just exceptional. ”
  • - “What you achieved is really extraordinary. ”

There are always customer accomplishments that can be congratulated. It is up to you to identify these accomplishments, and be nice enough to acknowledge them. Sales advisors should become part of the social recognition process.

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