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It Is Always About Self-Affirmation

Recall from Chapter 1, Mark who ran the New York marathon. This was probably a self-affirmation decision, a challenge to himself that he can make it (the time he took to run it doesn’t matter).

Peter, as a watch collector, prides himself in being one the most knowledgeable “haute horlogerie” lovers (not for having the largest collection). Paul is looking for financial protection for his family; he wants to take a protective decision for his family, as a father and a husband (it’s not only about the yield of the financial product).

Self-affirmation is positive. It is about ego but not only about ego. We can also see it as a positive aspect in life. It’s about me but not only me. It is a success that I have worked hard for and that I am sharing with others.

Here you see that we have started our journey into the customer’s psychology. We will keep on exploring, and together identify how, by understanding their psychology better, we can improve service and the Luxury experience for wealthy customers.

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