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Pleasure Of Self-Affirmation

As discussed in the previous section, being able to self-affirm and to self- accomplish is part of human nature. It is important as a social being to be able to be perceived in the eyes of others as being of value and having a social value.

It is a pleasure to be able to be the person you want to be. In Chapter 1 we saw that Paul Morgan wanted a premium Luxury car. This is what he always imagined that one day he might be able to achieve. The car is not only a status item. It represents self-affirmation that he managed to achieve his goals. And, why not?

The pleasure from this self-affirmation is also evident with Mrs. and Mr. Taylor when looking for a piece of jewelry to celebrate their 20th wedding anniversary. There may not be many occasions for Michelle to wear this jewelry. It will most likely be kept in a safe. But it symbolizes something beyond the purchase of diamonds. It is about a celebration of their love, the material representation of the days spent together and those to come.

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