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Pleasure Of The Best

Many products, with their ever better quality, are created to please us in order to answer our need to enjoy products of a superior quality. A 3-star Michelin restaurant will certainly not only feed you, but will also create culinary emotion. It is an extraordinary pleasure to experience how food can be so enjoyable and reach such a high standard. It is a pleasure that certainly only a few can afford. If you have the financial means, would you like to try it? After you had tasted it, would you like to taste it again?

It is not always about money. It is about the pleasure of having the best—the desire experience something that is pleasing to our senses. It is about education refinement and sensibility.

Peter Wang has always being fascinated by mechanics. He likes the idea of searching for perfection. His collection of timepieces reflects this constant search for the best. It is not about showing off but about the self-confidence of someone who can access and knows how to discern the best. Incidentally, Peter never displays his collection—other than to those who also appreciate timepieces.

Key phrases to use with customers could be:

  • - “You really know how to appreciate the best. ”
  • - “You really know how to appreciate the best of the best!”
  • - “You do have very discerning taste. ”
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