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Pleasure Of Power

Clearly, not everyone can afford to enjoy highly priced Luxury creations. Not everyone can buy a nice property by the beach. Being able to afford these products provides customers with a sense of power.

Some customers can afford products without any cost limitations, and at any time. It is nothing more than a freedom they enjoy. And it is usually carried out without arrogance but also without any guilt. It is for some of us like being able to buy a new pair of sneakers without too much hesitation. Some affluent customers are able to purchase products a thousand times more expensive—also without hesitation—because they hold this financial power.

Phrases to acknowledge this situation could be:

“You surely could, especially if you really wanted to!”

“I am sure that you can take this decision. ”

“The most important factor is whether you like it or not. ”

Story Corner

When I was a student at MIT, I benefited from a scholarship. It included, I remember, free tuition and came with around US$ 500 in monthly subsidies, which was sufficient for me to live on and devote myself entirely to my computer science studies. The different companies I created were very successful, and I became a millionaire without being conscious of my wealth. My family and I have a very comfortable life. I did not realize the meaning of my wealth until I took the most important decision of my life so far. I decided to donate US$ 5 million to MIT. I did this out of gratitude. But I found that this decision also brought me more than I gave. I felt for the first time that the money in my bank account could be useful to others. I felt powerful and there is an immense pleasure related to this. This is my true luxury.

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