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Pleasure Of Intelligence

We all like to learn and enrich ourselves. There is a great pleasure in understanding. Remember what joy you feel when you visit a museum, and someone explains the different pieces of art. Without a guide, you will only see colors, shapes and drawings. When an expert tour guide explains the art to you, guides you, your visit is definitely a success. You only really appreciate what you are able to understand, not what you see.

With your affluent customers, engage their intelligence. Bring food for thought into the conversation, add value and make them understand the magical world of your brand. Tell the story of the house you are showing— all the happy events that have taken place in this house. And when a customer notices something about the house, compliment them. Your customer has made the effort to take a close look. We all enjoy appreciation. Therefore, why not bring the pleasure of sharing into the process. Experience has taught me that wealthy customers are on the whole outgoing people and always have a lot to tell you, to teach you. Sharing is a true joy.

You will be surprised by how curious customers can be, and how open to learning and appreciative they are. Be generous and share. Be appreciative and happy when customers share. Engage without the selling objective being the sole aim; be in the conversation for pleasure and you will be able to develop a genuine rapport.

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