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Luxury Is About Pleasure

Pleasure should be at the center of the conversation. High-end valuable products carry the association of a gentle, caring, pleasing relationship. Different clients have different expectations when it comes to enjoyment and this is the privilege of being able to advise wealthy customers on high-end products.

During the conversation with Mrs. Michelle Taylor, pleasure could have been mentioned in various ways:

  • - “What a pleasure to have you visiting today. ”
  • - “Please, how can I assist you?”
  • - “Assisting you is a real pleasure. ”
  • - “I am sure that your husband will be so pleased to find just the right gift for you. ”
  • - “I want to be able to help you find the perfect gift for your wife. ”
  • - “Madame, I am sure that it’s a pleasure for your husband to buy this if you really like it. ”

Luxury buying is a positive act. Luxury might not be necessary (in the functional sense of the word) but it is essential as an aspect of the human need for self-affirmation and also for the pleasure it provides. It is useful, it can be a social necessity and it is an economic reality.

And, why not?

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