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No Complex and No Guilt

Clients are sometimes brand customers before being able to afford Luxury brands. Many of them (especially in Asia) are used to Luxury, with wealthy parents buying Luxury products for themselves but also for their children. In Hong Kong or Japan, many of the Luxury fashion brands propose exclusive children’s wear, with great success. These parents simply want to offer the same brand to their children as to themselves. These parents do not see their children having other handbags or watches other than branded ones, for reasons of quality and also the strong desire to give them the best possible in life.

Buying branded Luxury is a journey. When starting a working life, Luxury creations become part of the affirmation of self, the pleasures and the selfreward. In China, Japan and Korea, for example, the first of these luxury self-reward gifts is often a nice watch or a branded handbag and not necessarily a nice vacation. The product is aspirational, a way to access a certain category—it satisfies a social need.

For many wealthy clients, buying Luxury is just like selecting a nice restaurant to go to or a nice hotel to stay in. It is about having the best possible life, for themselves but also for their family and close friends. More than a specific lifestyle choice, for many of the very affluent it’s simply a case of selecting the best in a category. Your customer is just shopping like everyone else.

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