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Beware Of Physical Contact

One of the most sensitive issues is that of possible physical contact when selling Luxury creations that require assistance. In general, male sales advisor should avoid touching female clients.

A first simple recommendation is to always ask politely for permission before proceeding. Some experienced sales advisors tend to believe that creating possible physical contact with the customer helps to gain trust and makes sales easier. I tend to believe that physical contact can be off-putting and should only be reserved for clients with whom you have a long-standing relationship. Physical contact can take the form of a social act in many countries (shaking hands and so on) but mostly it remains in the private sphere if not in the exclusive family space. Or even only in the intimate one.

European Customers: Heritage and Emotion

Western Luxury clients, notably in France, the UK, Italy and Spain are often initiated into Luxury. They may have assimilated (maybe even the whole family has) part of the cultural heritage of brands. They enjoy high quality and know how to appreciate it. They are educated and look for the emotion that Luxury creations can bring them.

Some buy a small piece of that heritage, for a wedding or for an anniversary for example. It’s a real educational choice, a tribute to the quality and the brand legacy. I cannot encourage enough that a sales advisor should take particular care of these clients even if they seem to be “small” clients. They are significantly more important than most sales advisors realize because these clients take immense care in their choice in quality.

In their decision making process, European clients look for stories and romance. They have more appetite for meaning, being able to go beyond the object. Of course, art and spiritual elevation are at the center of this, in their vision of what a qualitative world should be.

It is also a very frequently required exercise, when dealing with European customers, to be able to respond to their objections. While Asian customers do not object (they listen and choose whether to believe or not), European customers tend to ask questions in order to get answers. It’s a way for them to explore the different possibilities, and sales advisors have to be prepared.

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