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Russian and Middle Eastern Customers: Exceptions and Privileges

Russian customers admire the heritage of European Luxury brands. An elite customer traveling around the world has a strong appetite for the best, if not for the exceptional. Russian customers tend to adopt a strong attitude, and sometimes do not hesitate to “test” sales advisors. They are also known to be very fair, and can be loyal when sales advisors earn their trust.

Middle Eastern Customers: Exclusivity and Importance

Middle Eastern customers mainly buy abroad, and in the summertime— when they travel to avoid the heat in their own countries. Many Middle Eastern customers are highly educated, most having been to school in London or Switzerland. They often belong to very wealthy families. There are a few recommendations when dealing with customers from the Middle East: be discreet (never mention the names of other Middle Eastern clients you might have), be natural (shopping is part of their enjoyment in visiting Western countries, together with the freedom they can enjoy there).

With Middle Eastern customers, there are sometimes question about how to deal with women and the different religious dress codes. Many customers from the Middle East are dressed in the same way as Europeans. Just behave naturally. You do not even need to ask where they come from. They might want to enjoy that space and their dress code tells you to behave exactly as you would do with any other person in your boutique. When female customers are dressed in religious garments, a female sales advisor is necessary to sell or at least to assist. When they are not dressed religiously, just provide the same service that you would provide to all your clients.

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