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Recognize Chinese Consumers

The different Chinese tourist customers can be easily identified. First one can separate the Chinese tourists living in China from the Chinese coming mainly from Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore.

Most of the time, Chinese from Hong Kong, Taiwan are Singapore do not travel in a group and do speak English. Sales advisors do not have too many difficulties with these customers and just have to deal with them as naturally as possible.

We want to focus more on Chinese visitors who deserve your special attention in particular. The first challenge for you is to distinguish a Chinese customer. Of course, it will be easier if you speak Chinese. Instead, why don’t you start by watching Chinese movies in the original version so that you can discern the Chinese language? You can easily distinguish spoken Chinese from Japanese and Korean, for example. The second piece of advice is to obtain clues, for example, from the handbag of Madame or the wrist- watch of Monsieur. Most of the time, you will see a nicely branded handbag for a woman. For a man, there is a good chance that he will be wearing a nice branded bracelet timepiece. I tend to suggest not looking at their dress code in general. Do not be surprised to see men in very casual attire; business owners in China do not wear suits and comfortable attire is always preferred. Do not be surprised to see ladies in high heels, sometimes seemingly overdressed for shopping or sightseeing. It is important for them to be well dressed at all times, to always look good in pictures but also to be able to match the beauty of the cities they visit.

Golden Rule Corner

Don't greet a Chinese customer in Japanese.

Greet them in your own language, politely and warmly.

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