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Dealing With Chinese Tourists

When they travel Chinese tourists are particularly impatient. It is true that they do have to optimize their shopping time. And shopping is definitely part of the program, and for many of them is even the main objective. Buying abroad offers a cost saving for them, and a guarantee that the products are genuine. Besides, they are buying in the country where the product has been made (which is even more meaningful). And for sure, Chinese tourists do come for the quality and service experience of a Luxury boutique.

I still believe that sales advisors do need to take the necessary time. A Chinese tourist will never reproach quality service. They only despise slow service, a lack of efficiency. Communicate, charm and provide the same service as you would to other clients and you will be surprised by the response.

Story Corner

Marie is a sales advisor at the flagship store of one of the world's leading leather goods brands. Every day she has to deal with impatient Chinese tourists. "Just give them what they ask for quickly," was the advice given by her colleagues. Marie decided to proceed differently. When she received a list of bags from the Chinese client, she used the three sentences she had learnt in Chinese:

"Thank you, I will get the creations right away."

Adding: "I will also introduce a few new creations."

"Please, take your time making your selection."

Marie always manages to up-sell, cross-sell and receives very positive customer feedback.

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