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Psychology Is About ME, and How Others See ME

Customers are all different—they do have different expectations. But, they always have one common point—what I call, “the ME.”

How I see myself

How I want people to see me

Hans does not need to appear successful. He sees himself as very smart and intelligent. He is sensitive to ideas of “being able to master” something—for example, mastering time. By not buying expensive clothes he is telling others that he is above caring too much about his personal look and what his peers may think of him. It is possibly just another expression of telling others about they way he is—who he is. A good sales advisor would see that Hans’ need to feel that he is making smart decisions is his trigger—for Hans it is that feeling of being different.

Brian Morgan visited a private bank without his wife. He might want to be able to take all the time he needs to understand the various options. This makes him feel like he is taking responsibility. If he comes with his wife, he might want to show her how much he cares about family protection. Maybe Brian has more to tell, and it is not only about signing a new investment. His care for his family is in the background and that is why he is here today— rather than simply studying the yield of the return on investment. A good sales advisor would deal with this part of the psychology. A lack of understanding of this may lead a sales advisor to only focus on the product, instead of the customer.

Instead of guessing who your customer is, ask yourself how your customer sees himself or herself? They own their perception of themselves and will tell you about their expectations and the way these expectations should be addressed.

How do they want other people to see them?

Instead of guessing who they are, it would be better to detect the external signs which show how your customer wants others to see them.

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