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Emotion In The Decision Making Process

A major part of the decision relies on emotional factors. Lisa is not only looking for the right size, a nice color and a designer handbag. She needs something new to feel good about, she wants something that she desires and she just feels like buying another handbag.

The first emotion is created by the brand. The same handbag, with a different brand’s logo on it will appear differently to your customer. This brand’s image is in your customer’s mindset and it is worth exploiting it to the maximum level. We will extensively speak about it soon, brand being one of the most important motivation factors in buying.

Let’s get back to Paul Morgan and Roger with the decision on subscribing to a financial savings plan:

Paul: “Well, I understand that long-term investment is necessary in

any case, but 20 years is really very long.”

Roger: “Mr. Morgan, we are, as you know, not just a bank. We are an institution that has existed for over 150 years and we have even been servicing many families for multiple generations.”

Paul: “Will that will mean that I am locked-in and obliged to pay

premiums for 20 years?”

Roger. “This will be a thing of pride, sir, to start a plan and to be able to keep it going for your family. You are creating a tradition that will make your wife and children proud!”

Even if understanding the rational factors is important in order to be able to advise wisely, what really makes customers take a decision is often the emotional factors. Emotional factors satisfy their true desires.

To convince Lisa to go for the handbag, Lucy could focus on the emotional factors rather than the functional ones:

Lisa: “The colors you have are not really the ones I am looking for.”

Lucy: “I understand that you are imagining a certain color. How

about looking at these nuances, carefully chosen by our Creative Director? If you don’t have a very precise idea of color in mind, how would you feel about considering these very bright colors?”

Lisa: “Sure, they are nice colors.”

Lucy: “That’s why I invite you to consider and take more time to feel

the beauty of this Sangria Red, Midnight Blue and Fruity Yellow.”

Golden Rule Corner

A decision is rational and emotional.

Talk to the mind and to the heart!

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