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Tension and Stress

Since it is an important purchase financially speaking, but also on the emotional side, customers do have real tension throughout the decision making process. You need to be aware of this psychological load and be a true partner to customers.

Sophie and Thomas Williams are with Simon, their property agent:

Thomas-. “I know it’s our 2nd visit but we are not sure we are ready.”

Sophie: “It’s much bigger than what we wanted at first.”

Simon: “Do you mean that it’s too big?”

Sophie: “It’s never too big...I’m just not sure if we need so many


Simon: “As your advisor, may I help by telling you that this might

not be the main reason you are not ready for taking the decision.”

Thomas: “I think he is right Sophie, it’s just we are not ready for such a big house but we don’t mind, right?”

Simon-. “A big house involves more housework. Will you both be

involved in caring for the house?”

Simon: “You are right Sophie, I did not think about this aspect

and a big house will definitely need more daily housework. And Thomas is probably thinking first about the comfort of you and kids, and being able to have more space to live in!”

Sophie: “I don’t know, there is just so much to think about.”

Simon: “It’s a very positive sign, Sophie, that you are already

projecting what it would be like living in this house. My agency has also partners such as a home helpers agency and home maintenance centers—it’s very convenient in Singapore and you will find more assistance than you could imagine.”

Customer tension depends on the main criteria:

  • - The amount (monetary importance)
  • - The frequency (habit of making such a purchase)

These tensions appear and increase when it is close to decision time. There will be objections and even apparent rejection. It is about finding a way to calm the fear, sometimes negatively (Chart 4.2).

Chart 4.2 Customer tension

Thinking Corner

For products/services you are selling—how does emotion play into the decision making process? What are the most common desires and fears?

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