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Open The Brand Door

As seen previously, a customer’s decision cannot be made without a certain band resonance. Your brand must speak to your customers. Why not to start to talk about your brand first? A customer who knows your brand will be able to learn new facts and consolidate a preference for your brand. A new customer to your brand will be delighted to learn and start the brand journey.

This is how Martial talks Peter Wong through his brand:

Martial: “I am sure that as a collector, you already know many things

about our brand’s founder, Francois Parly.”

Peter. “Please, tell me more! It’s still a new brand to me.”

Martial: “First, Francois is a very nice person. When I met with him

the first time, I was intimidated since, in Switzerland, he is considered to be one of the master watchmakers. He gently told us his story and why he decided to found his own brand.”

Peter. “I was wondering about that as well—why some watchmakers

manage to create new brands and why others just don’t?” Martial: “Parly told us that he decided to start his own venture in the

middle of the night. He felt that what he imagined and would be able to offer would definitely be part of the history of watchmaking. He felt that it was his humble duty to keep on building up the more than 250-year tradition of fine watchmaking. I think that says it all. And it explains why this brand is what it is, today.”

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