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Be A Brand Ambassador

Being a brand ambassador is to intelligently exploit the brand’s assets. Sales advisors have to be highly brand-compatible in order to become an ambassador for their brand. Adopt as quickly as possible the brand’s look. This is the best way to express all your pride in your brand, but also to create immediate trust with your clients. Using the brand’s vocabulary, but keeping it intelligible for your clients, along with the right attitude, will reinforce this trust (as seen in Chapter 1).

An ambassador is not only there to represent. A country’s ambassador is also meant to defend the interests of the country. The role of the sales advisor is thus to defend the credentials of the brand every day, and keep on expanding the brand’s territory by conquering new clients. Clients have choices and this role is not always an easy one.

Let’s see how Lucy brings Lisa to her brand:

Lisa: “I have to say that your brand is new to me.”

Lucy: “And we are very proud to have you visiting us! I am also very

sure that my brand deserves your attention, and hopefully also your full satisfaction.”

Lisa: “Are your leather goods all made in Italy?”

Lucy: “All our leather goods—all of them—are made in Italy. Unlike some other brands, and I don’t want to mention names, we do not sell leather goods made in Asia. We insist on ‘made in Italy’ and made in-house, with all our expertise that has been built up over 3 generations.”

Lisa: “Are some Italian branded products made in Asia?”

Lucy: “Yes, and I shall not comment on this. Please carefully check if

your preferred brand does keep this integrity. We are definitely doing so, with pride, and for the full satisfaction of our clients.”

In such cases, clients have to admit: “Yes, the sales advisor does really like working for this brand.” Clients also expect the sales advisor to be proud and defend (with art and diplomacy of course) his own brand.

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