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As seen previously, the brand is powerful and definitely influences the customer’s decision in their purchase—very often unconsciously. But a customer does not think by way of decision making factors. A customer has first in mind the product or service he/she wants to acquire. The product or service is only one of the five decisional motivations, as seen previously. This is only the what, and not the why.

It is, however, the most evident one and understanding what a product really means is essential in order to present, seduce and influence a customer.

Most of the current writings about selling focus on need. We invite you to go beyond the need and the product so as to be able to influence more efficiently.

From Need To Desire

Simple products and services that we would like to purchase usually answer a need. When it is about high value products/services, most of the time they go beyond simple need. Need is basic but desire is something more complex, with different aspirations, and is much more difficult to discern.

We can take the example of the car John Hudson is looking for (Table 4.5.A):

Customers often express their needs by functional, factual matters. A professional sales advisor with experience and discernment is capable of translating

Table 4.5.A Expressed need versus real desire




Brand: premium

A premium brand to ful-

I like people to see me positively,

from Germany

fill the need for status

like this brand I am driving.

Car size: 7-seater

More space for my family and guests

I like people to see that I have a large family, am in large group.

Car's power

A powerful engine

I like to have a powerful engine because I like to feel secure.

4-wheel drive

Better control and driving

I like to benefit from the sporty



image of the brand.

Leather seats

Very warm and comfortable seating

I like luxury and want to feel at home when I drive.

Low petrol consumption

Reasonable spending

I like my family to see me as financially responsible.

from the expressed need to the possible desire. We will soon see the different techniques for discovering true desire.

Instead of focusing on need (often expressed by your customer) experienced sales advisors know how to approach the possible desire.

Paul: “We are a family of four but I am still considering a 7-seater


Henry: “Sure! Good idea! This model is not only a 7-seater but all the

seats are very comfortable. Your children will be more than comfy at the back. And your guests will feel how generous you are by having such comfortable seats for them as well. It’s as if you are inviting someone into your home.”

Paul: “I also prefer 4-wheel drive steering. It’s more comfortable

and secure.”

Henry: “Yes, you are young and active and definitely should go for the

more sporty option.”

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