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From Functional To Emotional

Always ask yourself what does this product mean to your customer? Paul Morgan wants to subscribe to a life insurance policy. Is it only a financial investment gesture to get a high yield and make the best deal by doing a financial arbitrage?

Roger. “Mr. Morgan—might I know why you haven’t thought about

subscribing to life insurance before?”

Paul: “Well, I know that it’s never a very good investment. You pay a

lot and once something happens you get nothing. This is the underlying truth about insurance, right?”

Roger: “And might I ask you why life insurance is more important to

you now?”

Paul: “Well, I feel that my wife would be more reassured if we had a

policy. I also like to think that if something happened to me, at least the next 10 years of my daughter’s educational fees will be covered, regardless our others assets and expenses.”

Roger: “Mr. Hudson, you are such a responsible person. You are a

loving husband and father and we’ll make sure that we don’t disappoint you.”

Paul is highly motivated by showing love to his family. His investment is not only rational. You need of course to understand what is on his mind, to understand your customer. More importantly, you should try to open your own mindset to the customer’s heart. If you are able to understand—often it might be just a feeling—what the emotional stakes are for your client, you will be closer to the desire and therefore the decision.

Golden Rule

The brain is rational and studies options.

The heart is vibrant and takes decisions.

The language and terms should therefore be emotional rather than just functional (Table 4.5.B):

Table 4.5.B Functional need versus emotional motivation

Functional Emotional

Brand: Premium from Germany

"We are a brand that you can trust and be proud of! Our values resonate with you, I am sure. We have always been seen as the most reliable car manufacturer. First of all you want a car to be reliable, right?"

Car size: 7-seater

"This is indeed a generous car for your whole family and more. It is such a good feeling when you need to be able to have proper seats for your guests."

Car power

"This is a powerful vehicle. Our customers recognize that driving a powerful car gives more selfconfidence because you always have that extra power when you need it. It gives real peace of mind!"

4-wheel drive power

"This car will give giving you incredible driving pleasure with a feeling of maximum control of the vehicle. It means that you always have that extra control power—you drive knowing that everything is there to assist you."

Leather seats

"Each time you take a seat in this car, you will feel the warmth, sense the softness and robustness of the leather and appreciate the pleasant natural fragrance of the leather. I am sure that it is a sensation that you cannot be without after you have experienced it."

Low petrol consumption

"This car gives the best value between security and spending. You do not need to have any strange feelings—it is incredible efficient for such a powerful engine."

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