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Money Is Never An Issue

John: “It’s not an easy decision, even if I really like it.”

Henry: “Very happy to hear that you really like it. It is very important

to me.”

John: “But, I might not be rich enough to afford it.”

Henry: “You know that not only can you afford it, you and your family deserve it! It’s a great choice and you will really enjoy it, you will be very proud.

Let’s look at the different financing options we have for you.” John: “Even with a monthly payment scheme, it’s quite a big


Henry: “You know that it depends how to look at it.”

John: “It’s first about daily security, for you, your family and everyone you care about.”

Henry: “It’s also about durability and your peace of mind. A high-

quality car can provide this for you.

These are values that you really care about, so precious that money cannot buy, right?”

Money is never a problem. Your customers have it. It is matter of willingness to buy your brand, your product, at the price you propose, from you and right away.

The price level is never an issue as long as the sales advisor is comfortable in understanding costs and explaining the value to his customers. A Luxury creation, given that high value products are always carefully crafted, therefore need a sales advisor to explain them. A price is not a number made up by Marketing and does have solid reality behind it.

The price itself is a value, but also can represent many values. Customers are willing to buy high value products, simply because this is part of their search for quality. For these affluent customers, price is value: quality, authenticity, durability, security, positivity, strong personality—these values “that money can’t buy” are precious and are offered by top brands.

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