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Customers Still Need A Good Sales Advisor

A Luxury fashion label in London started offering an online service, part of the very trendy omni-channel strategy. The brand found out rapidly that there was a new business opportunity and was very satisfied with the decision of going online. One client in particular was quite intriguing: the client became the number one online client but they had a delivery address just five minutes’ walk from the flagship store. One day, that client stopped buying. The Online Manager, having never contacted that client, wondered why and was not able to find any explanation. The Online Manager went to the flagship store and inquired whether the client had switched from online to the traditional store. “Oh no, answered the Retail Boutique Manager. Andrew just came in recently to tell us that he will move to New York and therefore cannot come to the store any more to browse, to have coffee with us.” “Why wasn’t he buying from store?” asked the Online Manager. “Andrew likes to try, to see, and not have the pressure of buying from us. He just wants to enjoy the personal shopper experience. Once he is at home, he makes his own choice, from among the different items he has selected, from our brand but also from others.”

The role of sales advisor has changed. It has become something with a real advisory function. A good sales advisor can still make the difference. A customer wants to buy from a boutique, but more importantly from a person they can trust in that boutique.

John: “I also heard that different car dealers can give varying discounts to clients.”

Henry: “We certainly will give you the best deal we can and I would be

surprised if other showrooms will give you more off.”

John: “I enjoy talking to you but want to be sure that my decision is

right, buying here from you.”

Henry: “Buying a car is an important decision because you are going to

live several years with your beautiful new acquisition. If you need anything to better understand the car or if any further services are needed, you know that you can count on me. You just need to ring me and I can even take my car and come to see you.”

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