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Customers Have More and More Choices Of Places To Buy

Customers today have a great deal of choice in terms of where and how they make purchases. It is of course not always possible to use every available channel for any purchase (for example to buy a car from abroad) but customers today travel and their choices are much wider (Table 4.7.B).

Table 4.7.B Buy local or abroad





Convenience: no need to plan. Security: if anything goes wrong, can go back to see the sales advisor. Language facility: direct and easy communication. Possible for VIP treatment from the brand.

Prices: cost too expensive compared to abroad. Offer: not enough selection, not the latest models.



Prices: especially favorable in the country of origin. Customers travel as a couple and can make decisions together. Customers have time to enjoy the experience and shopping is part of the pleasure of traveling.

Security: need to travel home with the product. Lack of potential future services.

Language gap: not always easy, nor a pleasure to deal with.

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