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How To Make Customers Buy Locally and From You?

Lisa: “I will travel to Europe very soon, I can get it there.”

Lucy: “Oh, yes! When do you travel and to where? Would you like

me to help to check if this handbag is available there?”

Lisa: “Oh, I might have a business trip to Milan soon.” (Not really

true—Lisa is going to Moscow.)

Lucy: “You don’t want to be disappointed. It could be just sold out

and you will have missed it. In term of price differences, even if Duty Free, it’s not really less expensive since we don’t have GST in Hong Kong and therefore we can price more fairly compared to Europe.”

Lucy: “You will need to go through the whole Duty Free process, claim

and deal with airport uncertainties. Of course, if you wish I can calculate what might be the saving with Duty Free in Italy. Our experience tells us that that it’s not always worth the effort. Besides, you don’t need extra stress during your business trip. Your time is very precious. And you can be sure that you will be part of our brand community and I will personally invite you to all the coming events.

My name is Lucy and I will be sure to always give you the best and most personal service there is!”

The only reason a customer would select another place or person to buy from would be to do with the quality and level of service and also possibly if there is a significant difference in price. Therefore, the sales advisor needs to make an effort to have customers decide on buying here (locally) and not there (abroad or from another retailer), in a secure place, without any possible loss and with the best possible service right now and in the future. It is about building a long-term relationship, knowing that customers always care about the service they receive—sometimes much more so than sales advisors tend to believe.

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