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Five Times

We have seen in the previous chapter that one of the reasons for missing sales is that customers think they might have better options in buying abroad or through other channels.

"Now" Is Always Possible

Time is an important motivational and decision making factor, or should I say, the main reason for missing a sale. Customers often give this sharp and tough sentence to close their visit: “Let me think about it.” Hearing this is terrible! Most of the time, when customers walk out the store, they do not really think about it, unless the buying/selling process has gone very well and only a few factors are still missing.

Let’s face it—if the brand is the right one, the product the right choice, and the service is good, and since customers always have the money, why would your customer postpone the purchase?

Let’s look at the timing factor in John Hudson’s purchase (Table 4.8.A):

Customers use the time factor to delay their decision or to escape. It is always an expression of a certain doubt. And the doubt will generate fear. The fear

Table 4.8.A Customer time frame

Time Situation


Pro-active Sales Advisor

Real Time Frame

I will need the car only for summer time, in July, so it's not that urgent.

It's great and I fully respect your agenda! Let's book your family vehicle right now and should you want it earlier, we can of course still get it for you, Mr. Mason.

Vague Time Frame

I don't really need the car now, so I can wait.

It's great that you have taken your decision on this model and I am happy for you. Let's book it, and say for delivery within 3 months—does that sound right to you Mr. Mason?

Gaining Time

I need more time to consider. Let's say we take the decision next month.

I understand that it's always good to take more time in considering an important decision. What I am not really clear about is what is making you hesitate now, and how can I assist you in providing more facts to ease your decision on this wonderful model?


Let me think about it...

I understand that you are still hesitating since this is a first visit. I have many customers that decide on their first visit because we take the time to go through the different concerns. Maybe there are still some concerns that we have not yet discussed?

of making a mistake, itself generates the self-protection action: delay or escape. Not taking a decision will at least not create a new problem—this is part of the customer’s mindset.

To succeed in overcoming the time factor, the first important rule is to believe that, “now” is always possible.

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