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Emphasize The Opportunity

John: “I might need more time to consider—Anyway, I still have


Henry: “Sure—and it’s true that you still have a few months to

become certain of your decision.

That being said, since you really like our brand and this new model we just created, will you really take more time, I shall even say ‘waste time’ in looking around?

You know, Mr. Hudson, that sometimes when ‘it’s right’ it’s just right!”

Another way to facilitate the time factor is to present time as a true opportunity. It is true that our affluent customers are not always able to find the right opportunity, simply because they do not have the time to search—they prefer to spend time working at their company or with their family (Table 4.8.B).

Create A Sense Of Urgency

John: “Since the delivery lead time is only three months, maybe I

shall come back in April and we can order it then?”

Henry: “It’s true that this is the normal lead time. And this model is

new and as you can see it’s going to be very popular. I will do my best to respect the lead time but I depend on the factory

Table 4.8.B Key words for an immediate decision

Key Words

Sales Advisor


"This is a true opportunity, to be the first or one of the first 'happy drivers'!"



"It's lucky that we just launched the ideal car for you."

"It's a unique offer that applies only to you, and only for today, to thank you for your decision."


"It's an exceptional offer since we are pre-launching only."

Table 4.8.C Reasons for deciding now


Sales Advisor

Missing out on the product

"This model might be not available anymore."


"You might have to wait a long time for delivery of this model if you delay. This model might have a very long lead time."

Time consuming

"You could well end up taking more time without finding a better option! It's time consuming and your time is very precious!"

Peace of mind

"As you have to take the decision, and if you take it now, you will have complete peace of mind. Then you can just wait for delivery of the car!"

and delivery is on a first-contract-signed, first-customer-served basis.”

John: “Why don’t we set the delivery now to secure your car and we

can adjust later if necessary?”

As mentioned previously, the customer’s self-protection tendency is to postpone the decision should they still have any small remaining doubts. Elimination of any last doubts and working on this time objection will be crucial to concluding sales, and we will extensively look at how to deal with objections later on.

Another possible way to influence decision making is to show the risk and disadvantages of not taking the decision right now - immediately! (Table 4.8.C).

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