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The 7 Steps

Active Selling

A Roadmap To Success

When you cook, do you follow a recipe? Top chefs are always refining their culinary offerings but they base their creations on recipes. They write down each step precisely, the quantity of ingredients needed and even take photos of the various ingredients to ensure they always achieve the same best quality.

Golden Rule Corner

Selling requires creativity but also method.

Most of the time improvisation leads to failure.

Creativity takes place before the customer enters a restaurant. Improvisation on the other hand is often the shortcut to failure. A very experienced sales advisor may say: “I do not need a selling method to perform.” In reality, successful sales advisors always have a selling process that they apply and integrate naturally into their everyday selling routine. It’s more or less like a driver, who claims that that they do not need training to improve their driving since they are already driving.

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There is no ultimate recipe for successful selling. There are different ways to achieve success. What is for sure is that there is one certain logic, a necessary pathway from welcoming the customer into the store to the moment they leave.

What we propose here is a roadmap for success. When you are familiar with the roadmap, you can drive safely and anticipate better. And you will have a more thorough understanding of where you are in the selling process.

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