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The 7 Steps to Success

Alice works in Paris. In the early morning Paris is particularly beautiful. Alice is finishing her make-up, getting herself ready to start her day in one of the most renowned jewelry boutiques. She will look great—ready to meet customers. But is she really ready? The 1st step is to be prepared to sell. Is she familiar with the new products and the various appointments for the day? Preparation is key and includes being ready mentally to start the day. Alice prepares herself by taking the time to make herself look good. She always starts her day with a big smile to herself.

A middle-aged couple (who look like they might be from America—the husband has a baseball cap) are walking along the street, looking in all the boutiques’ windows. Alice notices them. A few moments later, the couple arrive outside the boutique and look in the window. Alice gives them a big smile. The couple hesitate but Alice is already walking to the door and, still smiling, opens it graciously and greets the couple with a warm bonjour. The couple enter the boutique and the 2nd step in the selling process begins. This is known as the welcoming stage.

Alice manages to quickly establish trust, notably by offering services and taking very good care of the visitors with sincerity. The couple are invited to take a seat which they accept. Alice has successfully navigated the 2nd step, and now prepares to sell.

She begins the 3rd step: to discover the needs of the couple. Mr. and Mrs. Taylor are looking for wedding anniversary jewelry. Alice uses her techniques to engage her customers in conversation before selecting a few creations to present, once Mrs. Taylor’s personal taste has been more or less clarified.

Promptly, she moves on to the 4th step: presentation. During this important phase of the seduction process, Alice creates desire for the different creations, sharing with pride her expertise and creating romance around the creations, telling the extraordinary with simple words. Alice becomes the magician, giving life to the different creations she has presented. The Taylors are tempted but still have some doubts. As part of the 5th step, Alice understands that it’s crucial that these doubts are brought to the surface so they can be alleviated. For the customer, this stage in the process is the fear phase: customers don’t want to make a mistake by deciding too quickly.

During step 5, Alice will do her best to resolve their objections and even help Michelle and Allan Taylor to voice them, while also offering reassurance.

Since Alice feels that they have made a great choice and that they are ready to make the purchase, she moves to step 6 and prepares to close the sale. She knows that customers need to be assisted at the end of the buying process in order to reduce any remaining doubts.

Last but not least, after hearing their decision to purchase, Alice begins to build a long term relationship, preparing for their next visit and next purchase. And even if the customer has not made a purchase, Alice still goes through the client relationship building, in order to capitalize on the visit and prepare for future visits, thereby establishing a long term relationship. Alice, in the final 7th step, builds loyalty—the last stage in the 7 steps to success (Table 5.1.A).

Table 5.1.A The 7 steps and their objectives

Selling Step

Customer's Mindset

Sales Advisor's Objective


Vague desire

Be ready—360°


Have a look—why not?

Gain trust and time for the next step


No harm in sharing

Determine the desire and motivations


Nice, but not sure it's the right choice

Select the right offering—seduce


Looks okay, but not 100% sure

Alleviate objections—nicely


It cannot be the wrong choice

Help the customer to decide and make the sale



Pleasure in the decision

Be sure to see the customer again

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