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Active Selling

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Learn from the best swimmers! After each competition, no matter what the result, you need to take time out to analyze straight away. Close your eyes and play back the entire race in your mind, from the first stroke through the first turn until the last moment when the swimmer had to make a last effort to touch the toe board at arrival. This effort of review and introspection is the key to improving and future success. As a sales advisor, after each selling session I invite you to take a deep breath, drink some water and play back the selling session you had. What went very well and what went wrong? Which step of the selling process faltered? Why?

Active selling is a method that I have defined in reaction to many selling situations that I’ve been in. It’s also the fruit of experience from the observation of the selling process with any Luxury and/or any high price product. It actually can be applied to all kinds of products, when a true customer decision is necessary. The idea is to understand, to be in control and to be able to progress. A sales advisor that practices active selling will be AWARE, whereas a passive sales advisor is not clear of his/her own practices (Table 5.1.B).

We will see that on top of having control of the situation by mastering the 7 steps, and by focusing on the 5 decision making motivational factors you can be very efficient in influencing and helping your customers to decide (Table 5.1.C):

- Brand, Product, Price, Place, Time

Table 5.1.B Active/passive selling






Lack of

self-confidence causes more stress: especially with difficult customers.

Less able to navigate a visit through the necessary steps. Risk of losing easy customers.

Less conversion mainly due to the sales advisor's strong desire to conclude. Not able to explain sales successes or missed sales opportunities.



Self-confidence. Able to handle all situations.

Able to accomplish all the steps and increase opportunity to conclude a sale positively.

High conversion through carefully dealing with customers, step-by-step. Able to explain each sale and analyze any missed sales.

Active Selling

The Five Decision Making Motivational Factors

The 7 Steps

Sell by following a rational selling pattern in 7 steps and based on the customer's 5 decision making motivational factors

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