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The Road To Active Selling

To engage in active selling, energy is the first requirement. With time, a sales advisor can learn how to mobilize this energy and increase their selling skill. Too much energy without selling skill only leads to a pushy selling style. Skill without energy is not sufficient: passive selling never brings about the best results (Chart 5.1).

Be Intelligent!

Recent research has pointed out different types of intelligence. Selling intelligence is most likely a combination of the capacity to understand situations (rationally but also emotionally), a certain capacity to analyze

Chart 5.1 Dynamic selling skill and understand the customer’s desires and fears (you learn by experience) and an ability to deliver and interact with customers.

The best sales advisors are never arrogant. Being humble, approachable and affable are other signs of intelligence.

Be Creative!

I have had the chance to meet and observe many sales advisors as a client, a reporting line Manager and as a trainer. I am always amazed by the creativity of sales advisors. This creativity can be expressed in humor. But the ability to find solutions and reassure the customer during the phase of doubt and fear is another form of creative expression.

Golden Rule

Be creative in the selling process. There is a logical approach to selling but the true difference is creativity. Believe in your own intelligence.

In the sections that follow, we walk through the active selling method, focusing on the persuasive approach and the 5 decision making motivational factors. We will also take the necessary time to analyze each motivational factor to fully understand them and be able to use them to influence customers effectively.

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