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Step 1: Preparing

Let’s start the journey with a story:

Story Corner

Master Wang is a famous Chinese artist and is known for his paintings of fruit and flowers. A renowned French vineyard owner placed an order for four paintings, with the theme of grapes representing the four seasons. After a few months, Master Wang still had not delivered the works. The owner became worried and wondered whether Master Wang was working on them. Master Wang replied that he was and insisted on delivering the paintings himself. He arrived and spent one full day walking in the vineyard. "Tomorrow," he said to the owner, "tomorrow, I will show you the paintings." The next day, Master Wang installed himself at a table, with all his materials: brush, Chinese ink, some water and so forth. He invited the owner to join him. In silence and quite effectively, he realized the four pieces of art in less than thirty minutes. "Very impressive and beautiful, Master Wang. They are also probably the most expensive grapes in history, especially looking at the time needed to produce them!" the owner added. "It is quick to draw them," answered Master Wang, "but each grain of the grape needed thirty years of practice, patience and perseverance to be produced, just like your wines," he concluded with a large smile.

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