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Knowledge Preparation

Nowadays there is a huge range of information of various depth and breadth. Anyone who takes the necessary time and acts with sufficient skill can become an expert, thanks to the new Information Age. The challenge is no longer about how to access information, but how to transform information into knowledge. It’s about selection, organization of the information, and integration into one’s daily professional selling life.

• Makes notes

It sounds old-fashioned and appears odd to many, but nothing can replace taking notes, summarizing and synthesizing information. It is important that the words become yours, and are written in the way that you would say them—in your voice. With practice, you will become better at taking good notes. And your notes will become shorter and more concise, gaining more precision each time. Shorter notes often result in your ability to be concise and clear for the customers who are going to listen to you.

Golden Rule Corner

"What you know is only what you can tell."

"The more you tell the better you can tell."

"The more you tell the more you know."

• Memorize as much as you can

Story Corner

At a global meeting of car sales advisors, the trainer asked the participants how they manage pricing information. An American said: "We have an iPad; all the prices are on it." A British sales advisor smiled and said: "What happens if your iPad runs out of battery? We still use a printed folder and that never runs out of power." The Japanese sales advisor commented: "The folder is too big and you cannot always have it with you...We made a small booklet with all the prices and that booklet is in every sales advisor's pocket." The Chinese sales advisor said: "Well, we try to remember all the prices by heart. You always have your head with you."

What is most important is the ability to find information quickly, and to be accurate. The best advisors always make the effort. Memorization brings true peace ofmind and allows you to focus on other subjects. This peace ofmind can be enhanced further by having trustworthy tools to fall back on, such as an iPad, a folder or a pocket booklet. It is important to always have them to hand, and not to have to look for them. Some might find this approach “old school” but I recommend that you try to remember the maximum amount of information and, if necessary, double-check it on your preferred support tool. When you have memorized the information, you are more tranquil—needing only to double-check if more precision is needed and to avoid making a mistake.

• Create your own tools

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