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Preparation For Knowing How To Behave

Having sufficient knowledge and selling techniques are not enough to sell. As discussed, inspiring trust is key and so is having the correct attitude.

Having the right attitude in selling to customers can first be perceived in your non-verbal expression/communication: the way you stand, move, smile and look at the customer. The correct attitude for selling to customers also means having the ability to be seen as knowledgeable, positive, helpful, trustworthy, elegant and so on. It requires the capacity to generate a positive feeling in the customer. It means the bringing together of many components—of many factors. It’s more or less about how you express yourself with your body language. The way you:

  • - Present yourself
  • - Speak
  • - Move
  • - Look at the customer
  • - Interact with others

The main preparation for this selling behavior is more complex. The 1st idea is to be fully aware of the importance of your attitude, especially during Luxury selling. In the beginning of the book, I prepared you extensively for this.

The 2nd need is to have a permanent awareness of self. During a selling session, imagine yourself on a stage. Be at the “meta-position” level and look at yourself constantly. Be conscious of the way you smile, move and behave. Make the necessary corrections and slowly you will progress.

Manager's Corner

One of the key tools to develop further sales competency is to create the habit of taking the "meta-position". Ask your team members to observe themselves during debriefing after a selling session. Sales advisors have to try and remember what happened. They will become increasingly conscious about their selling process, even while they are selling. This ability to see one's self (meta-position) is key to self-development in selling skills.

You can also learn, be inspired by the hospitality industries. I encourage sales advisors to experience 5-star hotels or Parisian palaces, not necessarily by staying at them but by perhaps having breakfast or supper at one of these venues to allow you to spend some quality time observing and learning from the service you received.

But the really important qualities of behavior, that is, sincerity and positivity, can only come from a sincere and positive mindset. Consider the boutique, the salon and the selling space as a stage. A person on stage is performing for others, with the obligation to forget about oneself. It is not only about being professional. It is also about being generous toward your customers, encouraging them to actively seek you out during a visit.

Competence is the capacity to always be able to perform through adaptation. Three components are necessary for this competence: knowledge,

know-how and attitude.

The best sales advisors are those who are able to achieve the right balance within and between these three dimensions.

At the end of Step 1, your competencies are fully prepared and you are ready to face any customer.

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