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Service To Gain Trust

There is always a way to truly offer good service to your customer.

When a sales advisor asks his customer “How I can help you?” or “Is there any product you would like to see?” these are not questions designed to help but rather a selling proposal. Put yourself in the customer’s shoes (Table 5.3.B):

Respecting the customer’s freedom to “just look” will create immediate trust and establish a more relaxed atmosphere. Of course, sales advisors do need to sell but instead of thinking they need to achieve this quickly, they should try to welcome the customer appropriately. There is no shortcut to this and it requires treating everyone in the best possible manner (Table 5.3.C).

Instead of proposing a service, why not simply help, assist and provide true service to the customer?

Table 5.3.B Customer's reserved attitude

Customer's Understanding

Customer's Reaction

How can I help you?

How can I assist you?

Is there any product you would like to see?

Is there any specific product you have in mind?

What do I want to buy? What do I want to see?

Is there any product I would like to buy? What do I want to buy?

I am just looking.

I am just looking around—not yet. No, I am just looking.

I am just looking.

Table 5.3.C Services to offer

Offer of Service


Lighten the customer's load

"Can I help you with your shopping bags? I can keep them here for you and we will keep an eye on them."


"This is our beverages menu, Madame. We have choices of tea, juices and soft drinks, and of course we also make a good Italian coffee!"

Special attention to customers' children

"Welcome to you young lady. Would you like a refreshing juice? We also have some books there for you to read. Or would you prefer a drawing activity? "

Extra services

"Milan traffic is heavy especially in summer and I hope you had no difficulty finding a taxi. If you need any help with transportation we have special taxi drivers that we know and they will always make themselves available."

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