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There Are Always Desires, Motivations

Customers do vote with their feet! When a customer says “just looking,” some sales advisors translate this into “not buying” and “do not disturb.” They therefore leave the customer to browse independently and allow them to leave the store with little or no further contact. Never think that your customer is just looking. And, by the way, “just looking” is already very good! In fact, “just looking” means “I don’t want to buy and you don’t need to take care of me too much—just let me look and that will be fine.” It’s only a way for the customer to not disappoint the sales advisor, and to be left in peace when looking at the products.

Now, why would a customer just look if they don’t have a sliver of desire to buy? Why would they be looking at your brand and your products among so many other brands and products?

Golden Rule Corner

There is always an intention that deserves your full attention!

The intentions of an existing client are different from those of a new client to the brand (Table 5.4.A).

- Existing client of the brand

Existing customers, are often part of the same world but deserve very individual treatment. You need to show this right away—recognize the customer, thank them nicely. This creates an immediate connection.

“Oh, you are wearing our brand. So lovely, and of course, you know us!” “It’s great to have you appreciating us because we need more clients like you.”

- New visitor to the brand

A new visitor to the brand deserves attention and needs specific care. There is always some reluctance to confess their ignorance. You need to be able to speak to them at the correct level, without lecturing. It’s all about sharing the right quantity of information.

“Welcome to our brand! It’s so nice to have you discover who we are!” “Thank you so much for taking the time to come and see who we are!”

Table 5.4.A Understand new/existing customers

Already A Client Of The Brand

New To The Brand


Comfortable. Sense of belonging. Understand the brand. Share pride in the brand. Stay informed.

Learn more about a brand their entourage knows and that people talk about. Check if the brand is worth buying.


Comfortable personal choice. See new models. Stay informed. Show pride. Check new collections.

See features for themselves. Discover the products from a known brand. Check the advantages. Looking for a coup de foudre or love at first sight product!


Check prices. Check for increases. Look for promotions.

Check price level. See if prices are within budget range. Check prices correspond to value.


Feel at home. Share passion. Build relationship with the sales advisor. Spend quality time.

Discover a new place. See if I can meet a good sales advisor. Spend quality time.


Keep a relationship with the brand. Check for opportunities.

Shopping is quality time. Hoping for a lucky experience (special promotion, unique offering and so forth).

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