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Listen Actively

You need to imagine the conversation as a space. In this space, there must be silence. And, it cannot be too heavy—we are in Luxury selling. Depth and speed cannot offer all the necessary pleasure. The words in this space must be precise, elegant and pleasant. This space also belongs to your clients, not only to you the sales advisor. Many sales advisors feel the need to fill up this space with their rhetoric. To be able to listen, you need to provide space and the possibility for the customer to speak out.

In this free space, the invitation to take over the conversation is precisely the silence that you know how to place; this silence is the punctuation. When placed at the right moment it becomes, with intention, the time to let customers join the conversation. When you want a customer to carry on, pause, smile and simply wait. You will be surprised by how happy your customer is to be able to talk.

Active listening means that when you listen to your customer, you are not only taking in the information but are able to clarify and classify it. The easy rule: WHAT to WHY.

Golden Rule Corner

From WHAT to WHY. From what a customer tells you, transform it directly into WHY he is telling you this in order to be able to ACT.

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