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Test Prudently

- Put out feelers

Alice: “Madame, please let me introduce a few necklaces from various

creative angles. Please tell me if you like them. We will certainly take more time to select the right creation for you.”

Alice: “Mr. Mason, please let me summarize the 5 types of long-term financial

plans. Please just give me your first thoughts—that will be helpful to me to better customize the most appropriate option for you.”

A feeler should always be there to help a customer clarify their initial desire. A feeler is without risk, being light and with a “just to see” factor.

- Tending temptation

Peter: “Mr. Wang, I know that you told me that you are very keen on

movement quality. Please allow me to present a new collection from our creator. It might not be what you expect in terms of the internal mechanism but the design is very strong and remains pure and clean. I would love to hear your views, as an expert timepieces collector.”

Henry: “Mr. Hudson, I can see that you already have a model in mind! Since

you are here, how about taking a glance at one specific model that I would like you to see because I am quite sure that you haven’t seen it yet. This beauty joined us just a few days ago.”

A temptation is more pushy and progressive than a feeler. It has the benefit of being seen as a service. Through it, the sales advisor can also demonstrate their understanding of the customer.

- Progress with words

Alice: “Mrs. Taylor, I guess that for the moment you only have a necklace in


Roger. “Paul, I am considering now that your investment time frame is

20 years?”

During the conversation, you can “place” affirmations while making eye contact with the customer and smiling. If the customer does not disagree, it means that he agrees: silence is consent!

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