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The Art Of Discovery

The best way to discover is to:

  • - Focus on the right person
  • - Take into consideration all possible decision making parties
  • - Mind the 5 decision making motivational factors
  • - Learn the different possible methods, not only questioning
  • - Excel in questioning but don’t abuse
  • - Combine different ways to discover

Let’s also be humble: a customer visit can be short and you have to balance the need to know with the necessity to get to the next stage, to present the product you have to sell.

The objective is not to know everything but to reach the crystallization point—that is, when you feel that their desire is now crystal clear and when you have the impression that you know what to propose and how to progress. And remain humble: you only know a portion of the story within this initial discovery and exploration phase.

Golden Rule Corner

You discover but never fully uncover the customer's desires. The different messages you manage to receive are valuable but alone are never sufficient to conclude a sale.

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