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Alice. “Mrs. and Mr. Taylor, I think I’m starting to know what might be

right for you. Thank you for sharing with me. I am very impressed. Let me get the help of my colleague, Alexandre, and we will prepare a nice selection for you to review.”

Roger: “Paul, I am pretty clear about your long-term objectives. Thank you

so much. Please let me introduce to you two solutions that I foresee.”

To end the discovering phase, the sales advisor can use different ways to express and invite customer to enter the presentation phase. Here are two final recommendations before we consider the next step:

  • — Thank your customer for telling you so many things
  • — Compliment the customer on what you learned from them

Now you have a better idea of the customer’s desire. Suddenly and logically the reason for the customer’s visit today seems clear and you have a possible roadmap: what to present and how to present.

In the next section, we will see how effectively you can influence by the way in which you present products, creations and services to your clients.

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