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Step 4: Presenting

As a reader of this book you certainly have learnt how to present a product, and notably the need to focus on the function and the services obtained, rather than only on the product’s characteristics.

It is true that some sales advisors do present a product only by describing the product. There is definitely no point in doing this! There is no added value in just saying that the car is a car, red in color, with four wheels and that it is a 5-seater. Customers can see this. In the same way, there is no point in listing the car’s characteristics to the customer. He can see that you are not bringing any added value and he could get this information by just reading the description panel himself. Or worse, he has already informed himself before coming and what the sales advisor says is akin to deja vu.

A well-presented product will receive far fewer objections. We invite you to go further than simply talking about the benefits in a Luxury selling approach.

Golden Rule Corner

Presenting a product is to talk about all the dimensions of the product: the benefits, emotions and pleasures offered and generated by the product.

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