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The Dimensions Of A Product

This consists of looking differently at what you sell in order to present it in a richer, more interesting, and in a much more effective light.

- Facts: what is the product and what superiority does it offer to customers?

“We have been engineering 4-wheel drive steering for over a hundred years and therefore we have all the necessary experience. You are acquiring a proven and superior technology.”

- Functional benefits: what it brings to customers?

"The system will provide you with full security, especially in bad weather conditions—you know that unfortunately weather can be totally unpredictable, but your vehicle is ready no matter what happens.”

- Emotional resonance: what emotions it elicits in customers?

“Our patented 4-wheel drive steering system is synonymous with security, and this also means responsibility, for you, as a driver.”

- Pleasure: what pleasure the product can bring to the customer?

“The feeling of control is just amazing—you are only driving normally and yet you get that powerful road control sensation, it’s just magic.”

- Possible frustrations: what the customer might miss out on if he does not acquire the product?

“Imagine your car without 4-wheel drive steering and you are suddenly caught in a bad snow storm.”

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