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A Product Is an Addition of Decisional Components

Henry with John Hudson:

Henry: “Mr. Hudson, here is your selection which I am sure you would like to review first. I know that you are already knowledgeable about all the technical aspects but please let tell you a little more. Our brand invented four-wheel power more than a century ago! Our engineering creators were already thinking not only about performance, but also about security.”

Henry: “This new design has been generously inspired by the spirit of exploration for comfortable, urban adventure, and more. Let me show you these very exciting new design additions.”

Henry: “We will also be very proud to have you joining us. We will be with you for a 2-year personal follow-up period, and I will personally take good care of your account.”

Table 5.5.A Explaining benefits




Customer Bene fi ts

Sales Advisor


Luxury car image

Brand's image and quality assurance.

"Our Brand's image of quality and security is not by chance—you know that we deserve it and that's why you come to us."



Will have the best.

"It's about driving pleasure but also the security of your dear family. It's your responsibility and here you have chosen the best. "



Sure of the excellence and exclusiveness.

"It's certainly not low but you know that excellence is costly...You can be sure that our price is only the reflection of superior quality, and exclusive services."


Great service and possible long-term relationship

Will have great after sales service, personalized


"We pride ourselves in having many happy customers, satisfied by our high-end after sales service and personal relationship—this is something many others brands cannot provide."


New, trendy

Will be the first, an opinion leader.

"This new model will certainly be noticed because it's the best on the market at the moment. And you will see many people, very jealous of this beauty!"

Henry: “This is a newly launched model! I will make sure that you will

receive it within 7 weeks should you take the purchase decision today.”

A product is not just an item, or a solution. Most of the time it’s from a brand, with a very wide scope of technical features but also related services, purchased from a place or someone who is going to provide additional services, at a certain price and available at a certain moment.

Presenting only the product itself is not sufficient. By understanding the decisional factors, you can very effectively influence and progress more quickly toward a buying decision (Table 5.5.A).

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