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A Product Is An Addition Of Intelligence

A high priced product is never expensive simply because of marketing. It certainly has elements to justify the price: it’s a sum of intelligence, not only an accumulation of materials.

Henry: “Mr. Hudson, please sit in the driver’s seat and let me adjust the best

position for you. You’ll see that not only are you comfortable but it’s also very easy for you to read and access all the information, like a pilot. This has been carefully designed. It’s simple, and simply intelligent.”

You need to take time to explain the why. Why the driver’s seat has been designed with this shape—what makes it particularly comfortable? There are many explanations waiting for an expert sales advisor to bring them to light. When you explain to your customer, he will understand the superiority of the features. When he sees another car, he will check if these features are there. When he sits again in the driver’s seat, he feels all the comfort and understands why.

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