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A Product Is Also A Creation

A product is high priced because it is rare and not easily produced. There is always creativity and the notion of a unique creation behind a rare product.

Let’s imagine you are at an art gallery—better still, a modern art gallery. You see a very odd sculpture and you have no idea what it represents. The art specialist starts, not by telling you about the art piece itself, but about the artist. And tells you the “why”: why only this artist is exceptional with his particular experience, vision and beliefs. The strange sculpture is the result, the fruit of this uniqueness. The art advisor also tells you how this sculpture relates to the other sculptures in general: it’s a piece of art with a long history in the art of sculpting. He would of course also tell you what it represents and show you the extraordinary details and the highly skillful execution.

- An admirable creator

For the product you are selling, there must be a creator. Often, it’s the brand’s founder. He has a vision, values and explains the success of your company. Sometimes, if you look carefully at the past and dig through the different information you have, you might find that the creator of the company wanted to change the world and had an incredible ambition for himself, his company and also for mankind. The creator must be admirable.

Roger: “Our institution’s founders had always been, literally, obsessed by financial stability, having seen many important banks go into bankruptcy and thereby causing tremendous disasters for many families. Stability is our founder’s key value and the reason you can trust our bank.”

- With true creativity

There is no success without a hero, and certainly not without creativity. This creativity explains why your company is more successful than others. There must be an original idea, some way of thinking that was different from the others. Customers must understand that your products are different not from a marketing approach but owing to creativity. Marketing is rational: everyone and any brand can do it. It’s different for creativity—which is always, unique, rare and very precious.

- A different vision

Lucy: “Our maison creates and crafts to last! This is the true difference with

high-end leather goods. Our design is timeless, material used are the best possible and the angled stitching, is not only nice—it’s simply more solid. It’s a handbag you will always be happy to carry.”

You buy a product to use it, and an art piece to show it. The creation you present is not only for the here and now; customers should be able to project into the future. A creation is also a unique expression of taste, with shapes and colors. It’s about personality, exclusivity and uniqueness.

Lucy: “I hope that our choice of colors speaks to you. You know that we

have a specific artistic approach and for sure, these colors are different and our customers are not shy; they know what they want.”

Now that you see the product you are selling differently, we need to present it differently. Here is some advice in order to be able to succeed in this important phase of the selling process: if your customer does not like your product, he will object, or even worse, reject.

A Vineyard Story

Louis, owner of a very famous chateau in Bordeaux, welcomed me to his property. After warmly welcoming us, he invited me to see if the grapes were "behaving well today." It is of course impressive: all aligned, in perfect order. There aren't even any leaves on the soil. It was in June and we could just see the beautiful grapes forming. He looked at his grapes with love, and could not refrain from touching the leaves, as if he was caressing them. He explained that his family had owned this property for 60 years, and he was very happy to be able to continue to take care of it. "The soil," he said, "is the mother of all," and explained why the soil on his land is geologically special. He explained that it also differed thanks to generations of workers, experts that had been taking care of it, nourishing it and in return harvesting from Mother Soil the most beautiful grapes.

He walked me to the wine distillery, where we saw the huge stainless-steel containers. There was also a small laboratory. Everything was so clean and neat—exactly like the rows of grapes in the vineyard. At last he took me to the cellar, where he had prepared three bottles of wine from different years.

"How do you like it?" Louis asked me. The wine I had had before the visit just tasted different.

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