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Describe Elegantly

Henry: “Mr. Hudson, you can see here the computerized dashboard. It’s

composed of two very user-friendly indicators—a speedometer and tachometer. It is simple and very easy to read. On the right side you can find a central computer, with an oversized screen. This will allow particularly clear and neat road guidance. It can also display all the information you may need, with touch control or even voice control.” Martial: “Along with the dial, you can also see the 4 Roman numerals as indexes. These are slightly oversized—very generous. The numerals are visibly larger in size. They look like they were hand-painted. And this gives a very nice balance between the off-white, vintage feel of the dial contrasting with this shiny, very dark inscription.”

Lucy: “We use only the best calfskin as you can see here. Please feel the

softness at the same time as the robustness of the premium leather our brand selected. In terms of lining, it’s a printed silk-like extra-resistant and truly light material. The different metallic parts are all gold plated, superbly resistant with over 10 microns of plating. It is also very light as you can feel. This is obtained by a combination of different skills and research so as to answer to the criteria requested by active customers such as you!”

When you describe a product, be sure of these 3 important rules:

  • - Use simple, elegant words
  • - Show what you describe (gesture)
  • - Speak slowly

A description of the product should never be flat, and only factual. The

words you choose, the way in which you speak and the way you handle

the product are an extremely important part of the presentation.

Golden Rule Corner

You only like what you know, and you love what you understand. Be prepared to explain some key intelligent features of your product.

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