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Tell Stories About The Product

Henry: “I want also to share a story with you! Last year one of my clients

called me to say that he felt so lucky. He was driving during winter and went off the road. He managed to control the car and avoided an accident. He called me the next day and wanted me to know.”

Lucy: “Our designer really spent time looking at our archives. He was inspired

by this design, which in fact has just as much to say today, and with such modernity. When it was presented, it immediately met great success— probably because it looks familiar to everyone and at the same time, so different from what you would have seen previously. That’s exacty what our designer wanted!”

Focus On Main Selling Points

Another piece of advice is to be very clear about the main selling points. You don’t need many and you certainly shouldn’t present all the selling points at the same time. Customers only have enough attention to absorb 2 to 3 selling points at any one time. It’s better to use this time to fully explain the prime selling points in order to sure they are absorbed. Since they are important, these selling points should not be wasted. I even recommend expert sales advisors to write out these selling points in the way they want to talk about them, adding stories to raise interest.

How-to Corner

For each product, list the 3 main selling points, called prime points. You can add further selling points later, but in general this should be enough!

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