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Handle With Care: It's Precious

The way products are handled lends importance and status to them. For watches and jewelry, the wearing of gloves is not only to protect and avoid micro-scratches (fingers do damage) but also to show that these pieces are precious and need to be handled with respect and care.

Before handing a product to a customer, be sure to first check whether the product is in perfect condition. If need be, clean it (for example, the handle of a car, the sapphire crystal glass of a watch and so on). Look at your product. Take the time to check it in front of your customer—you will demonstrate how precious the product is, and how important your customer is.

All gestures have to be elegant. The way in which a sales advisor handles a watch, a piece of jewelry or a handbag shows not only the professionalism but the quality of the products presented. Even with a financial leaflet, it has to be crisp, brand new and, ideally, stored in a protective folder. The leaflet is new—it is only for your customer. There is a need for some mise en scene: your product needs to be on stage, and deserves the full limelight.

When presenting a product, remember the 2-R rule: romance and reassure

Romance and Reassure

Romancing is the story about the product and around the product. It’s the best way to capture attention, create interest and provoke desire.

Reassurance is to prove that the product is the safe choice. It’s the best way to reduce possible objections, create perceived value, and diminish the customer’s fears.

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