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Focus On The Customer's Motivation

We are in persuasion mode at this stage. Remember, the customer is the one who takes the decision and, therefore, in this final stage of the decision making process, you need to deftly link the customer to his motivations.

Let’s close with John Hudson and his car (Table 5.7.A).

By linking the five decision making motivational factors, you are very effectively consolidating the decision making by creating a very powerful sentiment: the decision is obvious.


Closing is to create the feeling that the decision to purchase is obvious.

Table 5.7.A Closing with the decision making motivational factors


Sales Advisor

Closing Sentences


Our brand is you

"Paul, now that we have had this conversation, I don't picture you driving another brand other than ours"


You made the right choice

"You love this model so much and, frankly speaking, it's perfect given the color and the options you've selected. It's very you"


You obtained the best price

"You know that I already obtained for you more than I usually do and you really have the best possible price offer. You did really well in your negotiation"


You are in the right place

"I will be your personal contact, you don't need to worry about anything. You came to me and I will make sure I work to deserve all your trust Paul"


You are here at the right time

"You really came at the right time. We just launched and ordering now is the perfect timing for an early delivery to you"

Create A Decision Making Mood

- Feeling wise

Roger. “Mr. Morgan, you are impressive. All the questions you have asked are sensible and considered. We went through all the possible options to find the best plan for you. The best decision looks like a 15-year plan, with the first 7 years with a dynamic target and the remaining 8 years focusing on asset protection.”

Paul: “Yes, this looks okay.”

Roger: “There is no other better option and you really are making the right decision. I am so happy that we found it. Now this plan looks obvious because it is sensible and fully adapted to your personal situation.”

Paul: “Maybe I shall sleep on it and we can finalize in another meeting?”

Roger: “John, let me just ask you a question: do you think that you will be

able to find a better option than the one we just decided on? Personally, I don’t think so. Even if some banks can propose something similar to our offer, they don’t offer the credentials and the serious track record that we proudly have. It’s the right decision, John. You could wait, but we both agree that this is the best offer and a sensible decision.”

Roger: “You are making the right decision. Let me print the contract for you so you can re-read it and take more time to check all details.”

The customer wants a sensible decision—a decision where the options have been carefully considered. One of the factors this customer is taking into account is the mistake of impulse buying. Even though there is always an element of impulse, it’s essential to encourage the customer to see the sensible side of the decision process, and that the decision is a rational one.

- Feeling like a winner

Customers will buy if they feel that it is the correct decision: I am not only making a wise decision, my decision is one that comes from someone who has fought for it, and won. This feeling will create satisfaction and comfort for your customer.

Martial: “Mr. Wang, you told me that you made some very good acquisitions in the past and I am very impressed. I am sure that because you are a winner you are able to detect winning creations.”

Peter: “I do have discerning eyes for the right and best watches. And, this

time, my instinct told me to be careful about new brands, but at the same time, I have to say that I am quite seduced.”

Martial: “Trust your winner’s instinct! Your feeling is right. You know,

that’s how all the best decisions are made.”

Peter: “Let’s do this, Mr. Wang. Because it is our pride to have you come to

our brand for the first time, and with this exceptional timepiece, I now commit that I will write to our founder’s office to introduce you and ask for a special letter to thank you, signed by our founder. This is a special service that we normally only grant to our best customers. I will make sure that this will be approved.”

Peter: “That’s very nice of you.”

“Let me now show you the beautiful mahogany box that will protect your watch. Thank you for your decision. It’s such a nice moment.”

A purchase must be a victory. It’s a win. Customers must feel that something has been won and there are reasons for changing their mind. It’s good to focus on a customer’s win and express the exceptional gain they have managed to obtain.

And the win is not always about price accommodation but could be an additional service, a gift or another “extra mile” offer that the sales advisor has “up their sleeve” in order to close a sale.

- Feeling worth it

Lucy: “Please let me introduce you to our Customer Care program. Not

only will your leather creation bear an individual number, but we will be able to trace it and register it in our worldwide Customer Care system. Should you need to, you can have it repaired one day.”

Lisa: “Well, I hope I do not need to repair it!”

Lucy: “You know, with time, there is always natural wear-and-tear and it’s

always good to know that we carefully crafted your bag and will take on this responsibility forever. Madame, welcome to our Maison and if you have any doubts or questions about your leather handbag, we organize, from time to time, visits to our expert saddlers and you will be invited to meet them and ask them any technical questions or even have your handbag examined.”

Lisa: “That’s interesting.”

Express at this closing phase the different extra services that come with the product. It allows customers to project themselves in time by explaining all the benefits they will enjoy after the purchase. There are always many possibilities to reward customers and which are not necessarily costly, as we will see in the next chapter - building loyalty.

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