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Key Words for Closing

The following is an example of closing in spite of hearing: “Let me think about it.”

Allan Taylor: “Let us think about it. We still have time, don’t we darling?”

Michelle Taylor. “Yes, it’s so lovely but it’s such an important decision!”

Alice: “I understand that you don’t want to regret your decision!

If this should happen, I would also blame myself. I believe that we are the right brand for you and we did manage to find a piece that Michelle loves. With Mr. Taylor’s invitation, I received exceptional approval from my Management for a special accommodation so as to welcome you to our brand. Your wedding anniversary is in a few days and this is a happy decision!”

Allan: “Darling, what do you think?”

Michelle: “Well, it’s very nice for sure.”

Alice: “Let me book a nice restaurant for this evening for your

celebration. Normally it has a 3-month waiting list. We have access for our best customers and you will see it’s just the most exceptional place to be, when you are in Paris.”

Allan Taylor: “Well OK, let’s do it.”

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